Thursday, 10 January 2013

Fried Kuay Teow and Kampung Fried Rice

Is it some sort of flat noodles that when cooked looks like floppy cabbage pieces. Taste of soy (and the noodle was stained with that colour) and sesame; plus bean shoots, shaved carrot, hint of chilli. I wonder what else? This was one of the dishes on offer for breakfast at the Emperor. Also Kampung Fried Rice was on offer. Rice of course, plus celery, small crisp dry fish, green something maybe chives, green beans and many other unidentified ingredients. Plus scrambled eggs and baked beans. The roti canai was tough as the sole of my shoe and I remembered watching roti makers keep squeezing the roti together on the hot plate in order for it to retain its elasticity and lightness. These roti were being kept warm in a deep heated and lidded bowl. Served with a pale brown yellow dahl - pretty lack lustre this pair.

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