Thursday, 10 January 2013

Pineapple tarts

A speciality niche cake in Maleka. Not much bigger in diameter than our 50 cent coin. A base of short pastry that didnt crumble in your fingers but crumbled in your mouth (masterchef would have made this a winner) and was so light and airy and fabulous. In the centre on the top was a dollop about the size of our 10 cent pieces of the sticky pineapple whatever. And it wasnt that sweet. A mouthful and melted away in moments. Normally sold in bulk; in plastic containers with a dozen or more at once, I happened by a street shop where they were baking and selling as they went. And there was a tray just out of the oven waiting to be packaged. I asked and against their wishes was able to buy just one. They were so good I would have swallowed them all if I had bought a pack. But to get one so fresh is the way. I can only imagine after sitting in a pack for a while that crispness and freshness not to mention the afterglow of the oven, would all be gone. How lucky was I?

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