Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Well I had to eat in Business class didnt I?

First up was the entree of a vegetable encrusted cook salmon. This came with a delicate buttery vinagraitte - sparked up the taste buds with some witloff, and some red and green salad veg. Then my freshly sauteed prawns were personally cooked and presented in a tomato couli, with roasted veg (including a brilliant piece of roast garlic) and sauteed baby spinach. And a glass of Margaret River chardy as accompaniment. Everything is real. Everything is 'worth the money'. And then the christmas cake ('Xmas bavarois') for desert was a wonderful confection of a type of icecream which was finely nutty, cinnamon, candied peel, cherries finely chopped, hint of brandy, whitish in colour and tasty. Whoever invented this did a great service to mankind. And then there was the offer of real cheeses with real rinds, and varous fruits if you chose. There was more - a platter of handmade chocolates to choose from. I was already full as a goog. It goes without saying I didnt need dinner that night (in fact it was 1am Oz time when I was booking into the KL hotel and who needs to eat at that hour anyway). Cleansing hot towels through out the process kept me feeling very fresh. And ready for the specially brewed coffee. Others have guzzled their food and there cloth covered tables have been cleared. But I feel under no pressure to speed up. Out my window I am into hazy Australia - not sure if it is sand, smoke or fire. High clumps of shading clouds over WA. This all feels like a gift for living almost 61 years with such wonderful friends and rellies. This is marvellous. How fortunate after having been flying since a baby to finally have this luxurous opportunity. I lowered my seat into a full length recliner and slept for the rest of the flight. In great comfort.

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